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Walter Martindale
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Re: Possible Copyright Violation?

I run into this occasionally, too.
In a former role, I was paid to produce a monthly newsletter, and in the later time of that role (2000) I was putting it on the web. Moved to a different country for a different job, shortly thereafter got an e-mail "What do you think of this?" - the attachment was something in Portugese. Well, I don't read Portugese, but it's close enough to other latin-based lingos that I thought it looked a little familiar, so I put it through Babelfish - the rough translation from that was one of my articles on club development (not an MA - if you're familiar with me you'll know it's rowing).. The person who sent my translated article to me told me that his club president had sent this to all the members of his club and wanted to have a meeting to discuss it. (I guess that makes me international) but... BUT... the club president didn't attribute the IP to the original author (um... me). Now, I wrote that as an employee, so it was just part of my job to write it, but as the author, and with my employer (or was it me?) the holder of the copyright, I think it was wrong to NOT put my name with the article.

More recently, I've put something about fitness testing on my (then) employer's web-site. Lo and behold, a few months later, it's on a US website - again - with my name not associated...

I think I have the right to be a bit cranky, and I think so does Stanley Pranin, even if he was exerpted, where I was just out and out copied. I'm sure a lot of Mr. Pranin's work has also been straight up copied, and I think that's worng. er... wrong.

Regarding being a contributing member - I've been there but now I'm between jobs and ain't gonna contribute to anything until that's been modified...
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