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Possible Copyright Violation?

In the "voice of experience section (I cannot post there, so I'm starting a new thread), there is a thread entitled Osensei's Memoirs Download. It links to what, at first impression, was a translation of genuine memoirs. When I clicked the link, I found a composite of quotations taken from various Aiki News publications, that the anonymous complier offers as a free download. As these were English translations of the Japanese, and are quoted in bulk, this seems to me to be a violation of copyright. Perhaps, legally, I am wrong. It troubles me, however, that people seem to feel that because Osensei is a legacy for all of us, then the remaining images (pictures, videos, and writings) that others, most notably Stanley Pranin has published, often at considerable expense and sometimes at a financial loss, are free. People simply put the films of Ueshiba up on YouTube and Stanley, who has edited, preserved and in many cases, saved these films from deterioration, does not get a dime. It just doesn't seem right.

Ellis Amdur

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