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Re: Supplement teaching with books?

I like all the varied responses here.

I don't think this teacher was trying to do anything more than provide a broader view of Aikido to his students, many of which I already had. Although some of these books can be quite costly.

Some of the illustrations in Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere were wonderful in explaining certain aspects of Aikido. For instance I remember one cartoon depicting three different approaches to an opponent that was attacking;
The first showed the person being attacked using a weapon and the attacker on the ground dead.
The second showed the attacker with broken limbs,
And the last showed the attacker sitting on his behind with a dizzy illustration above his head while the Aikidoist walks away.

There are many other books that provide insight into Aikido and could be valuable to anyone interested in broadening their understanding, however I think feeling what it's like to be Uke, feeling and seeing how to apply Nikkyo can not be learned from a book.
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