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Re: Ueshiba Morihei's power

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
A shiho nage on a beginner and kokyu ho with two ukes? I've done those things countless times, and I certainly don't have any special power.
Fantastic, Michael. Good on you!

Of course, as I said earlier, every demo Ueshiba ever did in public was "a lie" because the truth would have killed his "attackers".

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
What's interesting is that one of those MPs had good instincts and actually followed Morihei and ended behind him!
Well, that's clearly a mistake because we've been told that all those "MPs" were beginners and klutzes with no skill.

Actually, are you sure that's an MP that gets behind him and puts two hands on his shoulders?

But…I have a friend who was an active MP a few years ago. Do you think you could show us any of those techniques--shiho nage or kokyu ho--on him, just the one?



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