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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Ueshiba Morihei's power

David Orange wrote: View Post
Well, when you tell me who the guys were who bested Morihei or who thought he was a slouch, I'll be glad to hear that, too.
Ask Ellis. As I told you before, I'm out.

Until then, all I've heard from you is hearsay and unsupported statements.
Quid pro quo.

Just remember that Tadashi Abe thought he could beat Ueshiba Sensei with one punch, and what Mochizuki Sensei told him.
If Mochizuki sensei remembrances were correct after 40 years of the event, he downed Abe (a young aikido newbie at that time) with a kick. Big deal, a judo/karate/aikijujutsu expert beating an untrained kid.
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