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Re: Something I wrote for a few friends of mine (long)

Great article overall. Can I suggest the following?

Remove the refernces to high school - most folk can't remember that far back ;-))

(though in fairness you know your potential audience better than we do)

>pull him over you so that his >neck or head hits the floor >first, he is dead, no question >about it.

Possible, but unlikely. After thousands of hours of learning how to throw ppl onto their back, it becomes difficult to alter the technique to release someone so they fall onto their head. It happens ofcourse, but not with predictable accuracy.

>The best choice in this regard >would be Krav Maga

Strongly disagree with that. Can I suggest you look into the following?

Also a search of rec.martial-arts will give some interesting points of view on Krav Maga.

Finally, how abt a "links" section to your FAQ?

Great work overall tho ;-)

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