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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

I think the conversation between Mochizuki Sensei and Ueshiba is worth remembering

To tell the truth, I got into trouble with Ueshiba Sensei after my trip to Europe thirty years ago. When I got back I told him:

I went overseas to spread Aikido and had shiai matches with many different people while there. From that experience I realized that with only the techniques of Aikido it was very difficult to win. In those cases I instinctively switched to judo or kendo techniques and was able to come out on top of the situation. No matter how I thought about it I couldn't avoid the conclusion that the techniques of Daito Ryu Jujutsu were not enough to decide the issue. Wrestlers and others with that sort of experience are not put off by being thrown down and rolling away. They get right back up and close for some grappling and the French style of boxing is far above the hand and foot techniques of karate. I'm sure that Aikido will become more and more international and worldwide in the future, but if it does, it's technical range will have to expand to be able to respond to any sort of enemy successfully.

Having said all this, Sensei said to me, "All you ever talk about is winning and losing." "But one must be strong and win. And now that Aikido is being spread throughout the whole world I think that it is necessary for it to be both theoretically and technically able to defeat any challenge," I said to Sensei. "Your whole thinking is mistaken. Of course, it is wrong to be weak but that is not the whole story. Don't you realize that it is no longer the age where we can even talk about whether we are winning or losing? It is the age of "Love" now, are you unable to see that?" This he told me and with those eyes of his!

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