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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

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Professor Goldsbury-

Last night I was reading some chapters in Sunadomari's book "Enlightenment through Aikido" and happened upon a brief but interesting sentence. He was discussing the definition of strength, describing how a famous Japanese wrestler was stabbed to death by a petty thief, and then mentions that while he was uchi-deshi in 1942, a well known aikidoka was also murdered in Japan. He then says that O Sensei was in Manchuria at the time and had to be informed by phone. What Ueshiba was doing in Manchuria, in 1942, one wonders. It was not likely peace-oriented. And, accordingly, his declaration and distinction of "aikido" versus the former aikijitsu terminology, in that same year, seems a bit incongruous. Are you aware of any such activity of Ueshiba's at that time?

In the edition of Budo (1938) translated by John Stevens, there is an introduction (The Life of Morihei Ueshiba) written by Ueshiba Kisshomaru. On p17 it states:

His last visit to Manchuria was in 1942, when he attended the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Japanese-sponsored state of Manchukuo at the invitation of the General Martial Arts Association, and gave a demonstration of the martial arts in the presence of Emperor Pu'Yi.
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