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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

John Brockington wrote: View Post
And, accordingly, his declaration and distinction of "aikido" versus the former aikijitsu terminology, in that same year, seems a bit incongruous.
If I remember correctly the motivation to establish an official name was requested and required by the Butoku Kai at the time. The Butoku Kai was firmly enmeshed with the military establishment of the time and was suppressed during the occupation. The name 'Aikido' was suggested by somebody other than Ueshiba Morihei, but of course Ueshiba gave his approval.

Due to these facts, I doubt that the adopting of the name Aikido was some planned move by Ueshiba from the "militaristic Aikijujutsu" to the "more peaceful Aikido." As you stated, this claim would seem incongruous with the actions of Ueshiba and those individuals associated with him at the time.

Why is this SO hard for hear? Probably because it runs directly against the grain of the post war Aikido narrative . . . but Peter will be enlightening us further about that I hope!

~ Allen Beebe
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