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Brion Toss
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Re: Equitable?

Sunny Liberti wrote:
Just curious, are you tempted to say similar things to *anyone* else on a daily basis?I never thought otherwise. I do strongly question his motives for involving himself in this thread, though. He *left* Aikido disgusted with it. And yet here he is.

If I had trained in a Chinese MA for example, and left in a huff over the male chauvanist jerks there, I can't imagine bothering to hunt down their forums and spending a second of my time harassing them for their training choices. Guess I'm just being "gratuitous" though...

I'm quite comfortable with Jun's judgement on how he wants to run his board...
Hi Sunny,
I am sorry if my post seemed presumptuous or otherwise inappropriate.
Brion Toss
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