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Re: Punches

Ron Tisdale wrote:
The atemi most often trained will be the attention punch, a punch with the raised middle knuckle to the short ribs, almost an upper cut kind of punch designed to come in 'under the radar', a sliding backfist which is similar to the previous one. Often instructors will note (and have you try gently) elbow strikes to the ribs while entering and turning for kaitenage or sankajo. I've also been taught some sweeps, a kind of blocking kick to the thigh as uke is coming forward, using the entry as atemi, etc.
Thanks. That's what I was trying to find out.
its no more a haven than 90% of the other dojo out there
I disagree and so would most people I know. It's second only to Tai Chi, IMO.
You can't take all the ills of MA today and drop them in aikido's lap...the problem is much bigger than that...and you know it.
If you'll look, you'll notice that I'm pretty consistent in saying the realism problems are not just with Aikido, Ron. I spot it in 2 messages earlier, just in a quick glance. Still, I don't want to be put on the defensive, nor should you. The problem is not with Yoshinkan nor is it with the myriad outsiders saying that most Aikido lacks realism... the problem is with the tolerance of those types of Aikido dojos by the Aikido community. You can't be both tolerant of New Age dojo's and irritated at the undeserved reputation of Aikido at the same time, in all fairness. Certainly when people mock the realism of most Taiji I don't disagree... I face facts and voice my irritation at the source, not at the people who are telling the truth and who are often well-intentioned.

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