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Here is something i have been involved with Take a look at some of the promo clips for a taste of what may be a more realistic approach to training. For day to day training we used no protective equipment but the sticks were padded rattan wich definatley made you remain alert thereby moving towards a more realistic approach. When you train with as few restrictions as possible such as protective gear from time to time, you begin to gain a respect and heightened awareness of your movement, your opponets movement, and what will and wont work under stress. If you always train in a safe haven your technique will never progress beyond a certain point. Keep in mind this is not for everyone, you cannot go into something like this using unrealistic training methods with a less than highly motivated mindset Some of this could definatley be incorporated into Aikido given that flow drills are trained. Several Aikido teachers have found the Filipino arts to supplement their training quite nicely from what ive heard.
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