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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Mary Eastland wrote:
I can't speak for you but I think the reason you can't find meaningful and informative posts from me is because you dismiss my posts as fluffly or insignificant.
Mary, you're being passive-aggressive again. If you write significant and interesting posts, trust me I won't dismiss them. I value all good information and gender is meaningless to a data-hound like me. If you write fluffy or insignificant posts, I expect you to be your own critic if you're anything of a person, and improve yourself... I don't expect you to blame me for not being perceptive if the problem is really your own performance. I'm very critical of my own abilities, always trying to improve and always looking for the real-world results. I like to hang with people that do the same, gender notwithstanding.


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