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Mike Sigman
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Re: Punches

Jason Potenza wrote:
this is exactly why Aikido as well as other traditional training systems will continue to have trouble with todays real fighters as well as with a uncooperative attacker or attackers armed or unarmed. [[snipsky]]
Of course you're mostly right, Jason, and I agree. However, despite the unreality of some classical training systems they will sometimes add some arrows to your quiver that are pretty good. What you said about real fighting is particularly true and I often think that most people who "got in a fight at the bar" don't understand is that usually "the reason you did OK was because he was just as inept as you were". Even in a lot of dojo's, Aikido and otherwise, the reason someone gets known as a "good fighter" is because he's fighting other people with moderate skill level.

I happen to like the idea of Aikido for the same reason I enjoy looking into yiquan, Taiji, Bagua, etc.... the body mechanics and the health benefits. I've already got a lot of fights behind me and I'm interested in the physical training, not the self-defense aspects anymore. However, I know fighting fairly well when I see it, as do other people who have spent a lot of time doing it, and it blows my mind to see some people think that cooperative drills would lead to real fighting skills without having to do anything else.

But hey... don't start confusing some of these discussions with facts, Jason.... it doesn't endear you to people if you tell them the truth is not what they've come to believe.


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