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Re: Punches

Reference for what?

If I went into most dojo's and did something like that in practice, I'd be ushered out the door with admonitions about "harmony", "Aikido is the dance of the souls", etc.
Certainly not that...Shioda's books are a much better reference for atemi. I don't think you and Mike are reffering to the same thing.

Speaking of atemi...what about atemi in public demonstrations? From uke or shite/nage? Mike does have a point I suppose in terms of the standardized attacks we see in demonstrations. I think its part of the public image of the art (good or bad is up to the individual I suppose). Aikido is usually presented in a very clean, smooth fashion. A lot of times in freestyle demos you don't see shite using atemi to any large extent. But even an aikidoka of Tohei's status didn't look as good when faced with someone intent on *not* giving the standard attacks. In that particular situation, Tohei was supposedly instructed not to hurt the challenger, so it would seem atemi would be out.

Personally, I think most people in aikido for any substantial period of time are aware that what you see in a demo is not 'real world'...but are we clear enough about that? And what would aikdio demos look like with more use of atemi by shite?

Ellis's statement on atemi = entering on another recent thread might be of interest here...


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