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Re: Equitable?


Thank you for you fascinating insight. Unfortunately for you, I see this place as an *online forum* and not a *virtual dojo* regardless of how you like to think about it. There is no rank in a forum, regardless of how you would like things to be. Also, in a forum, we have isolated threads here for people to focus on talking about what they want, regardless of your approval. If you want to write more about your ideas about the nuts and bolts of aikido, by all means please start a new thread, or add something to an old one.

Now, if you see this place as a virtual dojo, then wouldn't it be inconsistent with your ideas about just falling for someone if we were to all read your posts and pretend to agree with you as opposed to responding in kind?

As an aside, there have been times on aikiweb when I corrected something Sunny has written - I just have to disagree with it first.

And Mike... of course you can continue to try to tell me what to do, but I still don't think that you're in charge.

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