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Re: The meaning of omote and ura

Interesting topic, and also quite interesting the replays.

I would say, my modest opinion, that if uke use his right hand, so moves forward his right foot, I will deflect his strike with my right hand, so moving my right foot, when he is still going upwards, it's to say, before he "discharge" the strike.

Now if I try "omote", I should deflect his movement by redirecting its energy, so it requires quite a good timing to make my circular movement tangential with his; that is quite true when uke is "heavy" (or "strong").

When I try "ura" I broke uke's balance by the same deflection than for "omote" but, because uke is quite "heavy" to make "omote" I move my left foot turning to his back, so uke use his "weight" to recover his balance and I redirect it with a circular movement which results in what we call "ura". In fact, it becomes hard for me to practice "ura" with "light", or "weak", partners.

This idea, when apply "omote" or "ura", has resulted quite useful for me for a number of other techniques. And is especially useful when practicing "yiyuwaza" (sorry if it is not well spelling).

Best regards.

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