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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Rob Liberti wrote:
Newsflash...this just in...YOU ARE IN THE EQUITABLE THREAD. If you don't like the topic of the thread, and want to post about other topics, do them in ANOTHER thread.

No one, but you, seems to think you are in charge of what's BS and what is not..
Please, Rob... this is getting tiresome. I used to think you were deliberately misreading things, but I've come to realize that you just misread, all the while thinking you're having brilliant insights.

On AikiWeb as a whole, which is what I was talking about obviously (except to you, of course), you can envision the forum as sort of a virtual dojo. There are a FEW serious threads among the mostly light-weight threads (bearing in mind that there are always some serious posts within the "lightweight" threads). But on the whole, it's pretty easy to spot the serious martial artists who contribute ("workout for real") in the virtual dojo. You can also spot the lightweights, the genuinely curious newbies and which of them are serious, the social types, etc, etc.. If you go back in the archives and look at the "serious" threads, the nuts-and-bolts threads, (i.e., the people who do some serious working out in the virtual dojo), see how many of the few women complaining about "equality" and "women's representation" are there. Want to make a few bets? So what I'm saying is that I have respect for people in the dojo who earn the respect... and that's the serious people. Let's see some of the "Equality" people working out seriously instead of standing in the corner complaining that their names aren't listed as high on the rank board in numbers suitable to their "gender".

And Rob.... stop posting to me personally... post to the issue and debate the points. You've obviously got a grudge that's probably and obviously related to the personality stuff your wife is doing (notice you never comment on the nastinesses in her posts?), so it looks a little absurd for your negative personal posts to keep coming to me. Complain about the substance or the issues, but don't get the idea that the cause-and-effect hasn't occurred to a lot of people already. I.e., get real.

Mike Sigman
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