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Re: Equitable?

Hi Ian.

Sorry for the confusion. Because the premise was that a high level male and a high level female would be fighting, I only intended to discount the *differential* between male and females in terms of size and strength as being less of a factor with regard to high level aikido principle application. I didn't mean to imply that having any sort of strength at all was optional. No one would be able to consistently get to the right place, at the right time, and do the right thing without strength, fitness, etc. or that of a typical couch potato. I think the amount of strength, fitness, etc. that a female is capable of compared to what a male is capable of is more than adequate for them to take advantage of/exploit that male's committed attacks (real or otherwise) even if he is just as highly trained and regardless of the terrain or what have you.

I hope that clears up the viewpoint I was trying to put forth.

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