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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Incidentally, you apparently totally misread what I said. I said very few people in Aikido really can understand or do the ki-related things so I went elsewhere for information. If you knew what I was talking about, I'm sure you would agree.
Actually, what I wrote was based upon a previous post or two of yours where you mentioned that you'd been frustrated at another dojo by problems that occurred there with women, politics, and (as you put it) BS.

My last reply to you was in response to the 'big picture' rather than to that specific post of yours.

To go deeper, I get the impression that you feel you were unfairly treated at the expense of some female students, which has left you feeling somewhat bitter in this regard. Therefore, I would submit that you are hardly in a position to comment objectively on this thread.

Further, although you claim to be all for treating everyone equally in some of your posts, you also seem to harbor one or two prejudices which come across clearly in other of your posts. It comes across as confused at best, and insincere at worst.

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, and suggesting that perhaps you step back and take a look at how your previous experiences have distorted your viewpoint on this subject, rather than hiding behind a facade of pernickety point-scoring.

Ruth (giving it to ya straight)
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