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Re: Equitable?


You initially quoted this from me:
Of course marital arts like boxing which are oriented to give the advantage to larger and stronger people will favor them. That's why there are _weight_ divisions as opposed to speed divisions or whatever else. That just doesn't have anything to do with high level aikido in my opinion.
And you responded with:
Sorry Rob, had to put my popcorn down at this one and join in for a bit - I can't think of any martial art, aikido included, where size, strength and general fitness would not play a part.
I never mentioned "general fitness". I also didn't say (nor do I think) that any of these things would not play a part.
1. Do I equate women with frailty - nope
2. Do I equate women with less skill in aikido - nope
Glad to read that. You clearly do not have major women issues from being beaten by your mother.

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