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Re: who can wear hakama

Pauliina Lievonen wrote:
I switched from tampax to ob and haven't had any problems since...if I want to feel really on the safe side I wear a pad, too. The good ones nowadays stay in place surprisingly well. Or maybe I don't train hard enough....

just trying to see if we can get Ron to run away...
For the most part ob works really well for me. It makes sense, it was made by women gynocologists. But on my first day even with that I still risk some leakage.

I bet we could get Ron to run away if we asked him to go buy us some "feminine supplies."

As far as it being a traditional Japanese thing, I'm not so sure about that. If you have the DVD from Sugano Sensei (Heavan and Earth) there's an old O'Sensei clip in it and there is a woman demonstrating aikido but she's wearing a kimono -- not a gi and hakama like the men were. (I don't recall if the men were in gi only). I wouldn't want to go THAT traditional.

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