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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
There are also women screwing instructors, breaking up marriages, flirting, etc., etc.
Men do these things too. Neither sex has the monopoly on bad behaviour within the dojo! In a good, well-run dojo, with strong leadership, these things are not permitted to cause problems.

Mike Sigman wrote:
After 8 years of all the BS in a number of Aikido dojo's, I evaluated my progress in ki-related strengths, had little to show for it, and walked out
So you didn't find the best training environment for you first off. Neither did I, nor quite a few others here! Rather than remaining bitter about the experience, I suggest that you learn from it. Dragging your bad experiences from your previous dojos into this thread isn't acheiving anything constructive.

I sincerely hope that you have now found a training environment where you can learn without being side-tracked by other issues, where the leadership is good, and where progress can be made. I hope that one day you will leave the bitterness behind you and no longer allow it to distort your view.

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