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Smile Aikikai: Style or organisation?

I was browsing through a wikipedia article regarding aikido-styles and I realised that I'm unsure of what Aikikai is. (I belong to Ki-aikido myself)

As I have understood it in the past, aikikai is an organisation which encompasses several styles of aikido, many of which are very different in terms of techniques but still conformed to aikikai standards in terms of rules&regulations&limitations and grading-system. Any style of Aikido that does not conform to such a system cannot be part of aikikai, such as Ki-aikido. Thats the impression I have had of aikikai as a whole.

But when I read an article where it said that Aikikai was a single style and not just an organisation....I suppose my own interpretation of aikikai then is a bit shaky.

Here is the pickle though: If I remember correctly, the style of aikido developed by Nishio-sensei has two grading systems (weapons and regular I believe) and has been described as close to Ki-aikido (on a few issues), not to mention it describes itself as "independent yet bound to aikikai".

So if aikikai is a style, then what is Nishio's type of aikido? I'd apreciate any information bout this subject so I can get my facts straight.

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