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Re: Zen in the art of archery

[quote=David Valadez]1. Early philosophical positions relating the concept of emptiness to secular activities got a big cultural base to work with during the Muromachi periods. This connection was based upon Ch'an and/or Zen concepts of emptiness -- concepts that were prevalent during that time at the level of culture. This set the groundwork for what would later follow - several sets of evolutions and/or adaptations that made sense of secular pursuits as Ways. [quote]


Thanks for this post. Yours is the first I've seen take on Yamada and I value perspective on any given issue. Can you direct me to some specific texts on the topic of Zen's influence? I've read Takuan and DT Suzuki (and Collcutt and Dale), and will be looking up Soseki Muso. Others?...


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