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David Yap
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Wink Re: Anger on the mat

Janet Rosen wrote:
Something like that was one of several factors in me leaving a dojo I used to train at.
Me 2. It was one of the factors in me not taking my shodan years ago. But then again, instructors are humans unaware of the negative implications of their actions.

There are some key questions we need to ask ourselves:

Why are we in the dojo?
What do we seek?
What do we learn?, etc.

The most important question to me is "What do we learn?". It is not about techniques but it is learning about ourselves. It is about knowing the strength and weakness of others in our environment in relation to ours. The ultimate aim of martial arts is training of the heart (our hearts). It is about maturing gracefully. And what better place to learn all these but at a dojo where on any other day people would attack others with all kind of negative emotions (anger, sulkiness, jealousy, insecurity, etc). Most instructors can teach you how to respond to physical attacks. How you deal with emotional attacks depends your wisdom and maturity.

Happy heart training.

David Y

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