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Chris Birke
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Re: Punches

I think one of Aikido's greatest stregnths is how it illustrates atemi and kuzushi.

I see systema, and I detect a lot of bullshit - but I also see the same great illustration of kuzushi and atemi. I havn't gotten the chance to expirence it first hand though, and I've only seen it in training context, never in any sort of fight (which makes it pretty difficult for me to judge).

There is no particular strike (though some are more widely applicable than others) ; instead it is the contexts that are important.

What I find most often defines it is striking when you know what the other person is thinking, and striking in such a way as their thoughts dictate.

So, with regard to the story, maybe Osensi just thought the other guy was an asshole and moved along because he wouldn't have been a good illustration?

My expirence is pretty limited in the long run though. =/
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