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Chris Birke
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

The reason this keeps coming up is because people keep believing this:

"By that, I mean even if a highly ranked Aikdioka compteted in one of these sporting events, and ended up facing a highly ranked wrestler, the wrestler still has no training on how to take an irimi-nage fall safely. He does not know how to take a kotegaeshi throw safely. If he rushes the Aikidoka and gets thrown with a powerful kokyu nage breath throw, there is no guarantee he will land safely.

Over half of the time in the first year or so of Aikdio training involves just learning to take the techniques safely. Do you realize how many serious injuries there would be in Aikido schools across this country if the first time a student stepped on the mat, even one with kickboxing, muay thai, or juijitsu experience, and the instructor had him attack at full speed, full force, and threw him full speed and full force?

So an Aikidoka competing in a NHB event would realize right away that he cannot apply Aikdio full force to his untrained opponent. So many throws he can do are of only limited value. "

On a seperate note, I wish this were always true, but it isn't:
"But by the time a student reaches 3rd or 4th Dan level, is he going to be the kind of person that doesn't care about his opponent? I think not. "

Also, although small joint manipulations are illegal (fingerlocks, toe locks), wrist manipulations are fair game. The reason you so rarely see them in UFC is because they are easy to defend. This is the same reason you see very few standing arm bars.

I have actually seen a few in grappling and nhb fights (and even gotten a few in rolling) but they are rare.

There is actually a depth to the argument here.

If nikkyo doesn't work in ufc, will it work on the street? People have found that yes, very often it will, despite the fact that it's laughable against a cage fighter in a cage. Why is this?

In fact, you can often even no touch throw people on the street (or at least get them to fall down without touching them... you can debate what a true no touch throw is on that other thread). Again, that doesn't quite work the same against a trained and prepped duelist.


It's a very valid thread and that's the reason it keeps coming up.

Its just too crowded with ego and ignorance to ever be very useful. - I'd rather see it rehashed in a new thread.
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