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Re: Equitable?

Christopher Li wrote:
That's a big leap from a single quote. I've only trained with Saotome once in the last 15 years, but I got my shodan and nidan from him before that, and he definitely viewed Aikido as a martial art, if you ask me.


Chris -

Mary's right, I was being sarcastic. I think what's at issue here is the pursuit of loftier goals than laying one's opponent out with one blow via Aikido training. All of the first generation masters I have read about speak of Aikido as a path to higher wisdom and personal growth as opposed to a pure fighting system. Maruyama Sensei stressed this over and over in his teachings.

On these boards, those of us who ascribe to that view have been labeled 'New Agers' in less than a flattering context. The need to see myself as tough began to lose significance after around 15 years of training. I've learned that it doesn't take an 'Arnold' to be able to kick someone in the nuts or drive a fist into a throat or execute a palm heel strike to the base of someone's nose or any of dozens of other lethal strikes.

Anyway, I meant no offense with my prior post.
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