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Casey Martinson
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Re: Lightsaber Kumitachi thread

What makes a Star Wars universe feature "official"? My fan-dom has never gone beyond sincere admiration of the original movies (never read the books or played the games). But having made that disclaimer, in my mind, nothing is official unless it comes straight from George Lucas, at least as long as he is alive and still producing material.

If there were light saber styles, I expect they would be quite different from Earth fencing styles in a number of regards. This would just be inherent in the nature of the weapon. First, unlike metal swords, all points of the light saber are equally dangerous. Second, the light blade cuts through just about anything except another light saber, and requires no force at all (other than THE FORCE) to make a cut. And aside from the fighting aspect of light saber usage, there may be some utility arts like the art of opening blast doors by penetrating them with the light blade until they just melt away (see Episode I). Perhaps you could also use the light saber to boil water? Just how many BTUs are given off by one of these things anyway?

I'm no expert on japanese sword arts either, but as far as I can tell, in an ideal encounter, there will be very little fencing. The duel is over before it has even begun, with only one or two strokes being made by either combatant. Obviously, that is not the case in the light saber duels we've seen on film.
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