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A warning! Not the chen swords!

I've recently been looking at different swords to buy for tameshigiri and i looked into the Paul Chen Practical Plus katana. I have a friend who owns one as a wall hanger. I asked if I could see it. He said yes, so I took it down from the wall and removed the tsuka so I could see the tang. I compared it with a Last legend Katana he also owned (I offered to buy but he said no). Compared with the Last Laegend the chen sword was almost rat tail! The blade on the chen bit is so thin it almost looks like paper. I don't see how they don't breal when you look at them. I don't know about the higher end chen swords, but the Practical+ definitely isn't one to be used for a tameshigiri sword, even for a beginner. Advice to all: If you are unsure, I'd suggest a mid-range LL katana, only because they are folded and look more substantial. Thank you for listening to my mad ravings
-James Matarrese

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