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Re: The meaning of omote and ura

Amir Krause wrote:
Another meaning: omote and ura often mean "plain" and "hidden". In some Koryu Kata the form has an omote version - formal, to show and an ura version -actual very short and efficient application form, to be kept in secret. The omote is the form to practice, learn the principle etc. the ura is secret surprise to use in actual altercation (obviously, this is not exact translation).
I am sure you are right, as far as ordinary Japanese is concerned, but I do not think this principle was applied by Morihei Ueshiba to aikido. For example, taking the classification of omote and ura techniques in Karl Friday's "Legacies of the Sword" as an example, would you be prepared to classify aikido into "plain" and "hidden" techniques? I think this is one aspect where the Founder broke away from classical koryu such as kashima shin-ryu.

Amir Krause wrote:
The source for both meanings is the same - the omote is the front of the house and the ura is the backwards insider room, hence, forward and backwards and overt and discreet.
This is certainly one meaning, but I think it cannot be the source, unless you are taking "house" in the much wider sense of community with shared values.

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