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Re: Anger on the mat

Thank you everyone for your very supportive replies. I'm glad I'm not crazy to be bothered by this!

Unfortunately, this is the only aikido dojo in my area. I tried another martial art briefly, but I just didn't take to it the way I did to aikido. Commuting to another dojo from here is a practical impossibility - at most, I could afford to go once a week (several hours each direction, usually an overnight, and the money cost of getting there). Right after the incedent, I considered moving so that I could train at a different dojo, but I am quite attached to my home town, and like being near my extended family. Practically, if I could find a job, place to live, etc., I could move, but I have decided that, for now, being here is important to me.

The other option would be to start another dojo in this area. Again, I'm not ready, but I think that in another 5 years or so I might be.

So, I will continue training, avoiding the angry one, and doing what I can to encourage respectful training here.

Thanks again!
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