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Re: Equitable?

"I'm expected as a male to do martial arts, but actually I'm more interested in playing piano (or whatever)"

Really? I have never had the feeling that I was expected to do martial arts because I am a male. I have so many friends who are male that cannot imagine why I do aikido. Most think, why don't you just get a gun, or he mnust not like like watching TV...

I admit that if I could play the piano, I would be a lot more interested, but I would only be willing to play if I could learn to play in like 10 minutes or so! - as opposed to martial arts. I suppose for me, I am pretty good at solving problems, and what attracts me to aikido is that it is a multifaceted problems that keeps having more and more difficult (and interesting to me) things to solve. I wonder if that type of problem-solving is one of those things that more men typically prefer - I have no idea!


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