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Meggy Gurova
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Re: Equitable?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
For example, my dojo is about 18% female but we often make up 25-33% of the people on the mat on most nights. And some nights we can make up close to 40% on the mat. But there are days when I'm the only woman on the mat. I don't despair that though as I, at times, like being the only woman on the mat.
Cool! It's exactly the same in our dojo! And I've noticed that the few woman that train are more interested in aikido then most of the men. In our dojo women come and try aikido and if they don't like it they leave after their 6 kyu and if they make it to 4 kyu they usually stay for a long time. And it feels like the men in our dojo are there for other reasons like "I'm expected as a male to do martial arts, but actually I'm more interested in playing piano (or whatever)".
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