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Mike Sigman
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Re: Hand Work

Stijn Donders wrote:
the question about hand and foot work, if it really was so important, because he thought you only do things with your centre...
Your English is excellent, Stijn. I was only pointing out that there are exceptions to every rule, including this rule. It is possible to have very good kamae and to do a throw very skillfully and yet have no kokyu power, so I'm generally commenting that placement of the hands and feet are still not everything.
I tried to say that as how I have learned that your shisei/kamae must be good in order to successfully perform yes...hand and foot work is necessary, but as a beginner (like I am) do not focus to much on it....

and I have also learned that my hands must always be in front of every situation, because if you don't you lose control....
It sounds like you are off to a good start!


Mike Sigman
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