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Re: who can wear hakama

Terry Donaghe wrote:
My wife, recently ranked 5th kyu, was told last week that she needed to start wearing a hakama. I believe that our sensei wants all ranked women to wear hakamas. Guys in my USAF dojo generally don't wear hakamas till they attain shodan rank. So, in 10 or 15 (20?) years when I finally get to wear my fancy pants my wife will be an old pro at it and I'll be stumbling about like the noob I am now.

My dojo does pretty much the same thing except we don't generally require a woman to wear hakama once she reaches 5th kyu. So, it's left as an option for us ladies. Of the kyu ranked women in our dojo we're about half and half hakama and non-hakama wearers. Although, I have noticed a trend among the women in our dojo to not wear one until she feels comfortable with her ukemi.

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