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Mike Sigman
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Re: Hand Work

Stijn Donders wrote:
One of the principals of aikido is shisei, so that means that your hands must always be in front of your centre, and your feet should provide you balance througout the techniques...
Does this mean that I should refuse to be nage in Ushiro Tekubi-tori throws from now on?

Since someone who really moves from his center also moves his legs that way, where should they be kept? Of course, I'm kidding, but the point is that the simple admonition of "move from your center" is a far more complicated discussion than most people realize. Most people don't know HOW to move from their center, although at times they engage their hands/arms with the movement of their hips, so they think the admonition has been met and they can move on to more important things.


Mike Sigman
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