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Re: Hand Work

Jun Akiyama wrote:
The "how" part is hard for me to describe. I've been primarily working on feeling the grab (either as nage or uke) in my legs. In essence, I'm trying to keep just enough muscle activation through my body so that rather than absorbing or extending just with my arms, I'm using my hips and legs instead to do some or most of the work. Sorry for the vagueness...
I have had a lot of thoughts about this particular part for a number of years and have decided that it's one area people should focus on attentively and think about pretty hard (in my opinion, please note). If you think about *controlling* uke, you must keep either a slight tension to him or be "pushing" his movements to some degree. I.e., you cannot control uke if there is not some element of control from you to him. You cannot control your hands/arms from the middle if there is no element of control between them, either, so I always found that thinking about those controls was helpful to me.


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