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Re: Hand Work

Jun Akiyama wrote:
As Chuck Clark sometimes says, "Your arms are connectors, not affectors." I interpret that to mean that my "center" is the affector and that my arms (or wherever the contact point with uke happens to be) connects what happens with my "center" to my partner.

These days, I'm doing my best in learning to transmit power from my legs and hips through my body and into my hands/arms. Doing this, of course, necessitates that I also use my hands and arms efficiently and effectively. Neglecting to use my hands/arms properly would, in my mind, get rid of some of the tools my body possesses; however, I sure don't think there's much I can do if I just relied upon my hands/arms and didn't use my "center."
Hi Jun:

Can you expand a bit on *how* you connect your center to your hands/arms? Do you do it all the time or is it sporadic, etc.?


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