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Re: Hand Work

I don't move my hands with my center at all times. I use my arms to set up the connection for my center. In some cases, I unify and separate and unify again, etc. to set things up such that the ukes apply themselves more - so that when I move my center, I can move with their center(s). Ikeda sensei used to keep saying "catch it" at seminars and I took this to be want he was talking about. When I looked around (and took ukemi for people) at those seminars, I noticed many people moving their arms/hands exactly with their center- and I just don't think you can "catch it" that way. I think they are tying to do some kind of sticky hands drill where they move their hips to recieve all of it. I have found that it is better to extend a bit more than normal, let the attack move your arm back to normal extension, and then move your arm/center as a unit while uke is pushing just a little more then they would have otherwise. Well, that's my blending experience as of late.

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