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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Exercises to keep breathing?

Casey Darwin wrote:
How about breathing during ukemi? If I'm rolling I can easily breathe out, but I tend to hold my breath if Im going to land on my back. I often get tired when getting thrown by iriminage.
Imagine your lungs are an inflated rubber raft. The valve is closed and something very heavy falls on top of the raft. The raft pops because there isn't anywhere for the air to go, hence all of the force is directed into the raft. Your mouth is the valve of the raft, when you are thrown, your body and the ground are the heavy object. If you stop breathing and keep the valve closed, there is no where for the force to go but into your body. Hence open your mouth and match your exhale with the force of the ukemi. This will greatly reduce the wear and tear on your body and increase your ukemi pleasure.


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