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Hand Work

I've spent a lot of time over the last several weeks reading the content on this site and following links and reading even more. Probably even when I shouldn't have been. So, first of all I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful posts and the vast amount of information available on this site. For those like myself, who are just breaking into the wonderful world of Aikido (I started in August of 2004), it is a very valuable resource. Thank you!

Now onto the topic of discussion I'd like to begin. I recently received a message from Aikido-L. In it there was some discussion about finally learning the proper hand work. Perhaps I am off on this, but isn't everything from the center? Is there really hand or foot work? If you muscle the techniques then hand work and foot work seem to exist, but when the technique flows and the blend is right there seem to be two centers that become one then split and the split is what brings about the ukemi. It seems to me that there is no hand or foot work, that you are just positioning your arms and legs in a manner that augments your centers' ability to blend.

What does everyone else think?

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