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Mike Sigman
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Re: Kamae vs Shizentai (hips underneath)

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Now, this gets a little to my question...and yet having seen film of Takeno Sensei and talked with people who have taken ukemi from him and who have been taught by him, I would say he does display kokyu ryoku, and teaches that the hips should be placed as described above. My question is: what am I missing?
Hard to say. There was/is a long-time mistake of a lot of Taiji people who "tucked" the hips because that's the way it got translated. It finally turns out that the Chinese man who said it meant for them to let the hips naturally tuck under when they relaxed the back. That's one possibility. The other possibility is, as I said, that there are gradations of this kind of power and you can do some things and still have some power, but not necessarily all the power you could be having. Lots of possibilities.


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