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yesterday was an intresting day at Aikido!! I didnt just learn a new throw but I learned some thoughts on training and focus. it all started when my sensi was talking us through a throw... you see I am hearing impaired ( as i have said on other post) and I was trying to look where teh sensi was. I was in a awkard position because i was tori and had to maintain my balance while I was trying to listin to my sensi and watch what he was doing. this was very difficult for me. so he comes over me and tells me in a stern voice to look ahead and focus. well I was thinking I am trying to focus but I also want to know what is going on to. this was alright because thankfully he didnt have to explain any more steps to the throw. ( I am doing yoshinkian wich the teachers teach step by step kind of nice then later we do them repetitivly as fast as we can while still maintaining our balance and poster. then he finaly says kame and we are in a stance. then my partner bows to me, and I was walking away to sit.. but then I noticed that no one else I scrambled back to my spot. you se I rely on more what I see than hear bacicaly because I dont hear well. so, my sensi frusterated and very stern! tells me how I am not focused and you must be focused in order to trian. this sort of got me and I felt sort of misunderstood but I learned some stuff.

1. make sure you are absolutly positive that your sensi tells you to bow.

2. stay focused and try not to hear sensi.

3. being focused brings good training.

I concluded that he wasn't mad but was trying to get a point acroos even though I tried my best to be focused..
any thoughts on focus and training??

Dallas Adolphsen
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