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Re: Anger on the mat

Anger breeds anger and there is absolutely no room for it on the Aikido mat.

I have been in situations where a partner has responded with anger during training for various reasons. Mostly it is due to a personal frustration associated with the technique not going right. The reasons for this can range from Nage just not doing it right to Uke being too resistive - usually it is a little of both. When this occurs, training must stop immediately and some communication needs to take place to dispel any misconceptions on the other's intent, etc. It is good to learn from 'feeling' in Aikido, but not when one or the other is angry - some good verbal communication needs to take place to clear things up.

Unfortunately, emotions do take control at times on the mat regardless of rank or experience. The important thing is to realize this and make the proper adjustments when it occurs - eventually you will reach the point where you will control 'it' and not have 'it' controlling you. This true in all of life's conflicts and challenges and not just Aikido - it normally comes with maturity.

Greg Steckel
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