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James Young
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Re: Info: Fujita Masatake Shihan

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
I recommend that you pay special attention to the way he does irimi-nage, shiho-nage and certain forms of kokyu-nage. These can be quite devastating if you have trained in a different form and I have seen some experienced yudansha (e.g., 4th dan) come to grief.
From first hand experience I can second that recommendation. I remember when I was at one of his seminars and he was teaching kokyu nage and I took the ukemi. Initally it didn't seem to be all that different from a lot of people's way of doing kokyu nage but when it started to come down I still remember the unexpected amount of power I felt. It was unexpected because he wasn't moving particularly fast throughout the movement nor was there any perceivable use of strength. However, it did feel like a ton of bricks was coming down on me and needless to say I had to take a very quick ukemi straight to the ground. It was an interesting experience. Like others have commented his seminars are always enjoyable and if you have an opportunity I highly recommend attending as well.
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