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Mike Sigman
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Re: Tenkan and Centrifugal Force

Rob Liberti wrote:
It seems just a silly and useless to argue the semantics of an imprecise language as it does to argue over someone's usage of words which are well known like "centrifugal force" and "green". Heck, say "musubi" to a Japanese person who doesn't train aikido (and many who do) and they will probably look to see if their shoelace is tied. A lot of the descriptions are more poetry than science.
I don't think the argument is semantics, although it appears to be going that way. There are a few "initial" moves in Aikido and "tenkan" is one of them. Since tenkan can be shown by the existence of tenkan-in-combination-with-kokyu-throws not to require enveloping uke in "centrifugal force", then "tenkan" as an initiating move isn't defined by the presence of "centrifugal force". The use of the word tenkan at times other than as the initiating technique isn't germane anymore than is the fact that we can "irimi" later in an attack, too.

Instead of semantics, maybe we should focus on logic. Whoa.... what am I saying????

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