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Re: Info: Fujita Masatake Shihan

Nick Pittson wrote:

Thanks for your responses. You have succeeded in amplifying my resolve to attend his seminars.

Would either of you know how to even begin the process of sending him an invitation to give a seminar? I imagine that would be the most direct way of finding the information I am seeking.

Or better yet, how did you find out he was giving a seminar?

Again, thanks.
Mr Pittson,

Fujita Sensei has retired from his postion as Director of General Affairs at the Hombu Dojo, but is still active in teaching aikido in Japan and overseas. He has been coming to Hiroshima ever since he was a student at Takushoku University and regularly visits Holland and eastern Europe.

I think that if you were interested in inviting him to give a seminar, his first question would be who you were and where/under whom you had trained/were training. It is no small matter to invite an 8th dan shihan to give a seminar outside Japan.

On a more personal note, I was involved in organizing Fujita Sensei's first seminar in the UK and I forgot to arrange an uke (in my experience, he prefers to have one uke for the entire training course). So I took uke for Fujita Sensei for the whole seminar and it was a very good chance to experience his aikido at first hand, so to speak. I recommend that you pay special attention to the way he does irimi-nage, shiho-nage and certain forms of kokyu-nage. These can be quite devastating if you have trained in a different form and I have seen some experienced yudansha (e.g., 4th dan) come to grief.

I am sorry that this contribution is late. I have been in Europe and have not checked this web site for a while.

Best regards,

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