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Re: Steven Seagal's sword work

Jakob Blomquist wrote:
Hi George, I didn't think you were questioning anything, but since I got the impression that you made an "absolute" statement, such as - there are no koryu ryuha that issue dan-ranks - and given that I recently heard of such a case (I believe at least) I just wanted to be nitpicking a little by stating that I knew of at least one case. Btw, I would love to train with Paul Manogue if I ever get the chance.
Regarding on topic issues. Since I have but highest respect for Mr. Seagals aikido myself, I wouldn't mind knowing if you know for a fact if Mr. Seagal have not recieved sword training in any classical style (Such as Yaguy Shinkage ryu mentioned before). This is however only curiosity from my side.
I don't doubt that he did recieve bukiwaza training through his aikido training (perhaps through Isoyama sensei). But since I have heard from some of his students that his characteristic use of cutting and deflecting was developed out of his "classical" sword training, I would like to know if you know more about this than the little I do.
It is my understanding that he has no ranking of any kind from a classical ryu ha. That doesn't mean that he didn't pick up some classical sword... I studied two classical styles under Ellis Amdur Sensei for a while but I have no certification of any type in those styles. On the other hand there is some influence on my weapons work from that exposure. He may have been influenced the same way.

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